Vendor Management Implementation

Often times an organization can take extensive and exhaustive steps to ensure that their Information Security infrastructure is ironclad, only to discover that a partner to whom their data is sent has not put the same priority on security as they have.

Managing vendors is a critical step in any Information Security program, and Defense Lock experts have the knowledge and experience to put together a program to allow you to easily assess and manage your partners and vendors.

To that end, we have put together a four step program of required steps for best practices when transmitting data outside of your organization:

  • Step One: Risk Analysis
  • Step Two: Due Diligence in Vendor Selection
  • Step Three: Documenting the Vendor Relationship Contract Issues
  • Step Four: Ongoing Supervision and Monitoring of Vendors

With increased outsourcing and heightened regulatory concern, institutions of all sizes have to carefully manage their relationships with vendors of all shapes and sizes and our experts can help do just that.