Threats to an organization do not always involve someone from the outside trying to get in. Organizations can be hit with claims of fraud, financial tampering, computer crime, employee misconduct and other headaches, and these incidents require law firms, government agencies and the organizations themselves to have to dive into the IT infrastructure to determine exactly what happened.

Defense Lock computer forensic experts can be called on at any stage of an investigation or legal action to help make sure that every potential piece of electronic evidence is reviewed, no matter where those sources are located or how many sources need to be reviewed.

Our expertise in the technologies used, in auditing, in data analysis and in enterprise-risk analysis make us the ideal forensic investigators to react in a focused and effective manner to any of these claims.

From a high-level threat such as accounting fraud, or hardware specific tasks such as uncovering deleted files or getting into the locked system of a former employee, Defense Lock’s specialization in forensic accounting, auditing and technical issues is available for you 24/7.