About Us

Defense Lock, LLC is a team of Information Security professionals that have come together to offer their expertise to Fortune 500 financial, healthcare, government, retail, and technology entities.

We specialize in managed services, regulatory compliance and corporate risk life-cycles. Defense Lock offers concrete solutions that foster best practices to result in a sustained improvement in an organization’s security. This is done by maximizing a department’s efficiency in a manner that offers a tremendous ROI for any organization.

Our experts hail from around the globe. They are closely involved with key conferences such as Black Hat, Defcon, Source Conference, RSA USA and Security BSides, and hold crucial certifications such as CISSP, CISM, GSEC, CISA, CNSS/NSTISSI 4011/4012, NSTISSI 4015, CEH and many others. Several of our technicians are former PCI-QSAs. We have worked at security technology and consulting firms, and also have held positions identical to many of our key client contacts, so they completely and intimately understand the pressures, requirements and demands of the people they work with daily.

It’s this combination of philosophies, skills and backgrounds that make Defense Lock uniquely situated to be an invaluable asset either as a consultant or hands-on implementer for our client’s organizations. We will ensure not a dollar more than necessary is being spent on Information Security for our clients, while helping them get the most out of their Information Security staff, tools and practices.